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Would You Rather: Maintain Your Technology, or Manage Your Business?

How much time does your business waste on managing its own technology services? This includes maintaining your email solution, upgrading and managing your desktop infrastructure, and keeping your network secure from both internal and external threats. We would understand if you said that you don’t have time to both run your business and its technology, but we are of the firm belief that you shouldn’t have to choose one over the other.

More businesses than ever before are leaning toward third-party management of their technology infrastructure, rather than investing the time and capital into doing so themselves. The tradeoff might seem a little strange at first—after all, why pay someone else to manage your IT when you can do it yourself? 

The answer lies in the long-term cost savings that managed IT represents, particularly in regard to saving time and resources that can be better spent on other parts of your organization, like operations. Any time spent on managing your business’s technology is time that you could be spending on your business’s operations.

Of course, hiring an internal IT department may be an option, but this can be a much bigger expense in the long run than simply going through a third-party managed service provider. If you have to pay multiple salaries, this expense can quickly outweigh paying a monthly operational fee that a managed service provider (MSP) might offer. It’s an easy choice to make, but only if you’re willing to make it for the good of your business.

One of the common misconceptions of managed IT is that you’ll be giving up control of your infrastructure to people that you don’t know. However, this simply isn’t true. Any solid MSP wants to build a trusting relationship with the businesses they work with. This involves transparency at every turn. Only by cooperating and helping each other work toward a proactive technology strategy can any business make strides toward a better operational infrastructure.

MSPs offer a plethora of services that your organization can take advantage, including:

  • Network management and security
  • Email management
  • Hardware and software procurement
  • Remote maintenance and management
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Help desk and onsite support
  • Project implementations and migrations

Exact IT Consulting’s comprehensive suite of proactive and innovative technology solutions can help you make strategic, long-term IT decisions.

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