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Our Process

We Listen to Your Needs

When we go into our first meeting, our goal is to gain an understanding of what your motivations and pain points are. We simply try to understand the business and the decision-makers so we can tailor our solution to fit your needs. We ask open-ended questions that get you talking about the daily struggles and future goals.

We aren’t sales guys that make empty promises about technology that we don’t understand. We started in the technology world and worked our way into the business world, so we have the unique blend of both technical and business.


1. Initial Phone Call

Face to Face

2. Face-to-Face Chat

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3. Technical Audit


4. Custom Proposal

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5. Celebratory Drinks

We Develop Relationships

Ultimately the business owners simply want their Technology problems to go away and are looking for someone trustwothy to offload those problems to. How we interact with and treat you is what builds that trust and a relationship, more than likely we have had a cup of coffee or a beer or two before any contract is ever signed. We talk to you as a person, not just a business opportunity. We aren’t afraid to show emotion, get excited and get you excited about your technology being an asset and not just a cost center. We support you across all aspects of strategic decision-making and explain them in non-technical terms.

We aren’t your typical IT consulting company. Let’s get together and see how we can help you with your long-term IT initiatives.

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