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Every organization has an occasional need for larger, time-consuming IT projects. We can handle projects that could distract an organization’s IT department from day-to-day responsibilities. Projects range in size and scope but could include migrating to a new email provider, executing a wireless infrastructure upgrade, performing an IT audit, and so much more.

Exact IT Consulting is available to be that extra power needed to get any size project completed efficiently and with minimal interruption to normal business operations.

Take a look at all the project-related services we offer.

Are your outdated email and word processing applications keeping you stuck in the stone age? If so, then it’s time for your organization to implement or migrate Office 365.

Exact IT has helped many customers improve office collaboration and communication by implementing the right suite of applications for their needs. Whether your organization needs the basic Microsoft Exchange feature or Office 365, our experienced team can help you implement it in the most efficient way for your business.

And don’t worry if you’re not sure what level of service you need. We’re here to help you choose what benefits your most, down to the licensing agreement.

The many benefits of cloud storage, such as affordability, security, and easy data access,  have companies moving their data to a cloud hosted environment. Exact IT can help organizations wanting to make the move to cloud-based storage through our server migration service. We’ll help make the transition as seamless as possible as you navigate the process.

There are many benefits to storing your information in the cloud, including:

  • Easy access to data – You can access your data with only a few clicks of your mouse. Also, if you have an upcoming office move, storing data on the cloud make the process go much smoother.
  • Save money – Managing in-house servers can get expensive. Many companies have found that by switching to cloud-based storage they’ve been able to save money!
  • Security – Many IT professionals feel very comfortable in the ability to protect data that is stored online. And because data is backed up on multiple servers, you never have to worry about losing access to data in the event of a server crash
  • Compliance – Most cloud hosting providers align their risk management practices with those of Federally Regulated programs. Additionally, many will sign a BAA (Business Associated Agreement) to ensure your bases are covered in the event of an audit.

Does your organization know what to do when disaster strikes?

With disaster recovery services from Exact IT, we can help you implement a company-wide plan to save your important data and files. Whether your organization needs help creating a disaster recovery plan from scratch or reviewing your current plan, we’ll utilize our expertise to implement a strategy that includes people, policies, technology, and more.

Exact IT looks at every business and their practices differently. We know there’s no one-size-fits-all model. Our team will review your specific environment and craft a disaster recovery plan that fits your needs and budget.

You can’t get to where you want to be if you don’t have a roadmap. That is especially true when it comes to the success of your business. An IT roadmap is an excellent way to communicate and coordinate your specific technology and business strategies.

Exact IT can provide your company with a strategic plan to seamlessly integrate IT into your day-to-day operations in a way that perfectly fits both your needs and budget. With our help, you’ll be able to develop and maintain your IT functions while improving collaboration, budgets, and planning, and limiting risk.

Relocating your business, aside from being costly and stressful, can also have a long-term impact resulting from a network and operational downtime. Exact IT can help ensure your network infrastructure and user workstations arrive at the new location fully operational and ready to go. Don’t waste any of your clients’ or your team’s time.

The replacement of an entire or partial fleet of personal computers is a major project that requires planning, technical skills, and efficient execution. Based on the effort required, it can be extremely challenging for your IT staff to complete a PC refresh project without impacting their day-to-day duties and responsibilities.

A PC refresh project requires numerous phases, including:

  • Technology Assessment
  • Requirements Planning
  • Procurement Support
  • Imaging and Configuration
  • Staging
  • Deployment
  • End-of-Life Management

Exact IT has the experienced staff and proven methodologies to ensure a successful PC refresh in conjunction with your organization’s PC lifecycle strategy. Our technical professionals can handle the entire project, or work in conjunction with your IT staff to share project responsibilities.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations by delivering a cost-efficient and highly successful project with the absolute minimum disruption to your business operations.

The shift to a fully wireless environment benefits large and small businesses alike. Modern enterprise-grade access points are powerful and affordable – a perfect fit for any business wireless network setup. An up-to-date WiFi network can reduce operational costs and increase productivity, but proper configuration requires preparation and professional grade equipment.

If you’re planning a large WiFi network setup, Exact IT can help you:

  • Conduct a site survey to determine proper access point placement for your wireless network setup
  • Choose the right equipment for your network needs
  • Select equipment that can be easily maintained with lots of support materials available
  • Integrate security during the planning phase of the setup
  • Use multiple ssids to better manage your network and improve performance
  • Consider wiring and aesthetics when planning your wireless network setup
  • Choose wireless network hardware that includes support for your business

Managing and designing separate systems to support voice and data is quickly becoming a thing of the past. System designers now have to plan telecommunications infrastructures without knowing whether any given user will require two voice ports, such as phone and fax, with one data port or only one voice and two data ports, such as Ethernet and video.

This need for flexibility means that proper planning for present and future applications is essential. There are many factors to consider when planning your network design and structured cabling. Let Exact IT consult with you to determine the best way to support current needs and future-proof your business.

As you implement new technology, not only are you making financial investments, but you are also changing operational processes. These changes can have a major impact on your business and change your organization’s technology control requirements. Outcomes may differ from your initial plans, creating unexpected risks.

Let Exact IT help you identify and address these key IT risk challenges:

  • Identifying risks: Do you understand your risks based on your industry and strategy?
  • Quantifying risks: Do you have a thorough plan to identify and address your risks?
  • Implementing controls and strategies: Are your controls effectively curtaining your risks?
  • Measuring effectiveness: Are you tracking how well you reduce risks?

Ready to see what Exact IT Consulting can do for you? Contact us today.