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IT Solutions for the Accounting and Finance Industry

Professionals in the accounting and finance industry know that money never sleeps, and the same goes for your IT and cybersecurity. When it comes to managing money, you want to ensure that your business is up-to-date on the latest technology and protected from malicious attacks. Finance is often a high-stress job, and you shouldn’t have to worry about managing IT on top of that! With a premier IT services provider, you can rest easy knowing that your IT is securely managed and optimized for your needs.

Ensure Proper Data Storage

Data is crucial to making business financial decisions, but how do you know if you’re storing your data properly? It’s crucial to have a disaster recovery plan tailored to your business. Whether it’s ransomware attacks, natural disasters, or resentful ex-employees, you should look at three factors to determine the extent of your backup and recovery needs. Identify your server dependency level, determine how much data your server stores, and calculate the cost of downtime in the event of an IT disaster. 

There are many different retentions, sharing, and security requirements for the accounting and finance industry. The Exact IT team can help you stay compliant throughout the entire document lifecycle with Microsoft Office 365 Email Backups—from creation to deletion.

Meet Compliance Standards

Adhere to ever-changing compliance standards with cloud hosting. Cloud hosting goes beyond traditional infrastructure setups to help businesses scale in a centralized way. Through cloud hosting, Exact IT can assist with physical-to-cloud server migrations, cloud backup solutions, and Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure setup and management.

Stay Alert with Regular Cybersecurity Training

You can never be too preventative when it comes to your IT. Has it been a while since your employees were trained on cybersecurity best practices? It’s not a bad idea to keep them on their toes. With an email phishing and training analysis tool, you can help your team catch malicious emails and maintain email security. Specifically, Exact IT’s training tool presents a first-hand look at the various ways cybercriminals reel in victims and allows users to identify phishing attempts and ransomware to avoid contact altogether. 

Money-hungry hackers will run rampant in the finance industry, especially during tax season. With a top-tier managed IT services partner, you can keep the identities of clients safe as well as their money safe and secure. 

Whether you’re worried about cybersecurity and phishing attempts or data backups, look to Exact IT for a professional edge. Exact IT is here to fill the gap in the information technology industry. We have experience with software such as Quickbooks, Sage, UltraTax, ProSeries, and much more. 

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