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Survey Findings: Security and the Managed IT Model are Biggest Benefit to MSP Customers

Exact IT Consulting recently received data from our managed service provider (MSP) survey and found some interesting statistics about what organizations are concerned about, what they’re looking for in an MSP, and what turns them off.

Security and Efficiency are Top of Mind 

As the tech landscape grows and evolves, it’s no surprise that one-third of organizations surveyed say they need the most education on security issues such as phishing scams, spam, and ransomware. While the most advanced data security will help keep your organization safe, sometimes all it comes down to is education. Do you and your employees understand the risks and pitfalls of the information your organization carries? Do you understand the disaster that could occur if your company is hit with ransomware?

81% of participants say they’re worried about IT issues surrounding security, and the same portion are equally concerned with IT efficiency. It can be difficult to pair multiple layers of security with simple efficiency, which is probably why only 28% use two-factor authentication on their accounts.

If you’re interested in making your organization more secure, fill out our Security Survey to receive a security assessment from our in-house expert. 

The Value of the Managed IT Model

Under the right model, managed IT and its services are essential for any sized organization, from small-scale to large businesses to major corporate industries, especially as the IT industry continues to grow and expand. While an MSP using a break-fix model replaces technology as it breaks down and is rendered obsolete, an MSP that utilizes the managed IT model, such as Exact IT, proactively replaces technology and performs preventative maintenance to help prevent catastrophic hardware failure.

MSP consumers are seeing the value of the managed IT model, sometimes before their MSP. 52% of organizations surveyed say that they’ve had challenges with their MSP being reactive instead of proactive. Break-fix IT can be expensive, especially when dealing with hardware failures that result from neglected maintenance, which is why Exact IT utilizes as many proactive measures as possible.

Additionally, 42% say that their MSP provides quick fixes instead of long-term solutions. This is essentially like putting a  band-aid on a bullet wound; it doesn’t really help much. The downtime caused by hardware failure and other disasters could be powerful enough to derail the budget for months or even years.

What Customers Are Looking For in an MSP 

Every organization has mission-critical systems that they rely on, and sometimes it’s more than your “computer guy” can handle. 86% of surveyed organizations say the most important characteristics of an MSP is their knowledge level, and we can understand why. MSP’s provide organizations access to an entire team of experienced IT professionals, so they better know their stuff.

Even if a business has an in-house IT staff member, they probably don’t have time to address all the IT projects needed to keep an organization in tip-top shape. This could play into the reason that responsiveness is an important characteristic of an MSP for 86% of the organizations surveyed. By working with a managed IT provider, companies can supplement the IT staff so that all IT issues have coverage.

Our Approach

At Exact IT Consulting, we provide the type of services that MSP customers are looking for. We help businesses make strategic, long-term IT decisions to align technology with business objectives and improve operational efficiency.

Our comprehensive suite of proactive and innovative technology solutions, superior customer support, and exceptional technical consulting utilizes the knowledge, dependability, and commitment of our team.

Hiring our team of experienced IT professionals is comparable to the cost of one full-time employee, and our Service Level Agreements allow our clients to forecast monthly IT costs to minimize major issues with a proactive approach.

Whether you need someone to take over all your IT needs, or you just want to give your IT department some help, an MSP like Exact It Consulting could be the answer.

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