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Enterprise-Level Cyber Security
When You Need It Most

We don’t have to tell you how damaging cybersecurity threats are—you’ve likely heard the statistics about cybercrimes significantly increasing in the time of COVID-19 and remote working. With 61% of companies reporting being hit by ransomware attacks in 2020, you need to get smart about your cybersecurity. 

So, what are you going to do to avoid losing money, data, and customers? Well, we have a few ideas! Exact IT Consulting offers our clients peace of mind through our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.

Three-Layer Support for Unrivaled Protection

Layer 1: Enterprise Antivirus Protection

This layer delivers end-to-end protection‎ and monitors numerous threat intelligence sources to validate indicators of network compromise. You’ll benefit from features like:

  • Automated Incident Reporting
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Real-time Scanning
Layer 2: Endpoint Detection Response (EDR)

AI algorithms offer an added layer of defense, working to monitor current applications even when no malicious activity is detected. The three-step approach includes: 

  1. Forensics and analysis tools to research identified threats and search for suspicious activities.
  2. The analysis of endpoint data to identify threat patterns.
  3. Automatic response to identified threats to remove or contain them while notifying security personnel.
Layer 3: Security Operations Center

We act as your central base of operations for all things IT security. Enterprise-grade security through Exact IT means that we’re monitoring all endpoints for all possible threats. The key difference here is that threats can be escalated to humans with a depth of experience.

All endpoint data streams to a private cloud for analysis. After AI analyzes the data against known threats and vulnerabilities, it’s escalated to a real live human if needed. From there, the issues are remediated and problem nodes are isolated.

Customized Ransomware Training

Do your employees have a good understanding of the risks and dangers of ransomware? Since there were an estimated 304 million ransomware attacks worldwide in 2020, it’s past time for your organization to get serious about safeguarding your data.

At Exact IT, we take the time to design custom ransomware training that fits the needs of your organization and staff. We cover topics like:

  • What ransomware is and how it works
  • Ransomware prevention methods
  • How to spot malicious links and phishing attempts
  • Protecting your PC from other malware
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More Ways Exact IT Helps Protect Your Business

Email Spam Filtering

Scanning all emails and attachments before they’re opened prevents any potentially harmful files from being triggered.

Preventive 60-Point Inspection

We make sure that all your infrastructure and applications are running as they should so that cybercriminals can’t exploit any weaknesses.

Full Volume Encryption

Encrypt your entire drive and protect against unauthorized changes to your system, such as firmware-level malware.

Dual 2fa Endpoints

2-factor authentication on both user workstations and business servers.

Exact IT Consulting offers our clients peace of mind through our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and your business can breathe easier knowing that you have a team of IT experts in your corner.

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