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IT Management Checklist for Remote Work

As IT managers serving your organization’s internal IT needs, remote work presents more variables than a single physical location. It’s always easier to control elements of security and access in a fixed environment, but sometimes that isn’t an option.

To ensure that everything operates smoothly and efficiently, we’ve put together an IT management checklist that will guide your transition to a remote working environment.

remote work checklist

As IT managers, you’re likely comfortable with the technology and policies for remote work setup, but you may need to provide the other company staff remote work policies, best practices, and access to remote tools. Here are some IT items that you’ll need to ensure are in place to maximize company staff time and make the most of remote work.


  • A remote work policy has been created and implemented.
  • The staff has the hardware needed to work remotely.
  • The staff has access to every critical application needed to complete their daily work.
  • Secure remote meeting software is set up.
  • The staff and the internal IT team has access to collaboration tools.
  • There is remote access to the business phone system.

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You also need to make sure you and your IT team are ready to manage any IT needs remotely. Don’t forget any of the items on this IT asset management checklist.


  • You have remote access to the staff’s off-network devices.
  • All operating systems, browsers, and applications are patched and up-to-date.
  • You’re using multi-factor authentication (MFA) to improve login security.
  • You’ve installed a secure VPN to servers.
  • The network access policy is clear and enforceable.
  • User access is being monitored to ensure authentication.
  • System access protocols are being followed.
  • Your IT team can quickly and easily jump from service tickets to remote endpoint management to troubleshoot issues.
  • The staff has received security awareness training.

Remote work comes with plenty of benefits for the organization and its clients, as long as everyone is aligned on security measures, remote work policies, and best practices.

Contact us if you’re looking for help with remote work setup and security.


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