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Three Predictions for the Future of Managed IT

Managed IT and its services are essential for any sized organization, from small-scale to large businesses to major corporate industries, especially as the IT industry continues to grow and expand based on capabilities and new requirements. The managed IT industry itself is expected to grow to nearly $300 billion as early as 2023.

As information shifts and more technological demands are made of organizations, it’s important to think about where the managed IT industry is headed. Here are a few predictions about the changing landscape of managed IT services.


1. More Cloud Movement

The benefits of cloud storage and access are too good to pass up. Storing files in the cloud ensures that everyone has access wherever and whenever they need it. More organizations will continue to move their data to the Cloud, and this shift is predicted to impact IT spending by $1 trillion in 2020.

Managed IT companies can expect to see an increase in cloud migration, cloud management, cloud backup, and other cloud services. The global cloud computing market is expected to reach $623.3 billion by 2023.


2. Focus on Enhanced Security

In the coming years, organizations will continue to be concerned with cyber crimes as the attacks become more sophisticated and more dangerous. It’s predicted that organizations will fall for ransomware attacks every 14 seconds. The global cybersecurity market is projected to exceed $177 billion by 2025.

Businesses will look to their managed IT partners to control the level of risk to their data and reputation. Managed IT organizations should have expert knowledge and provide peace of mind that their clients are willing to pay for. By the year 2024 that the cybersecurity market will be a $300 billion industry.


3. AI and Machine Learning Will Grow and Evolve

AI and machine learning have already been deployed in some companies and will only continue to change the way we do business. The AI market is projected to become a $190 billion industry by 2025.


Since 83% of early AI adopters have already achieved economic benefits, managed IT organizations will also need to adopt AI early to remain relevant in the long run. They will need to understand ways to make AI-based software perform efficiently by providing fresh and updated data.


As the tech space expands, so will the managed IT industry. Whether your organization needs someone to take over all your IT needs, or you just want to give your IT department some help, managed IT could be the answer.


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