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IT Consulting in Indianapolis

If you’re an Indy local looking for expert advice on everything from finance to tech, you’re in luck, as there’s certainly no shortage of consulting firms in Indianapolis. In fact, the number of top companies in Indianapolis seems to be on a steady incline as more and more people become intrigued by all the city has to offer. With so many innovative and downright impressive companies headquartered in Indianapolis, it’s easy to wonder, “why here?” Well, for starters, we’ve taken Hoosier hospitality to the next level.  

Our tech community is supported by several incredible organizations that spend their time and money to help set tech startups up for optimal success. Not to mention, businesses of all shapes and sizes say they are drawn to our great city for a number of the same reasons us bonafide Hoosiers love this place so much. Not only does Indy offer a great mix of city and suburban life, but it’s also a cost-effective and welcoming place to call home.

While there are a number of booming businesses residing in Indianapolis, one industry, in particular, is having a moment worth mentioning.   

The Indianapolis Tech Industry

Though many people may not immediately think of Indianapolis when recalling thriving tech sectors throughout the country, over the past decade, we’ve made a name for ourselves as the designated tech hub of the Midwest. 

According to a recent report, tech employment represents 7% of the Indianapolis region’s job opportunity and nearly 8% of the local economy. Even more exciting, experts predict that the Indy tech sector will grow another 8% by the start of 2026. There are countless tech and tech-enabled companies that have set up shop here in Indy—and for a good reason. 

We’re in a rare spot where we have an expanding collection of talent as well as relatively low costs for labor and office space. Indianapolis tech companies are finding major success under these circumstances and benefit from headquartering in an ecosystem that supports growth. 

In fact, thanks to Salesforce, Indianapolis is projected to keep excelling in the tech space. Salesforce’s ever-expanding presence in Indy has worked to support a wide range of tech companies in a much broader marketing technology cluster. Even more impressive, Salesforce’s largest presence outside of San Francisco isn’t in London like many would come to expect—it’s in Indy.

IT companies in Indianapolis are well-known for outpacing the competition due to the higher quality conditions and rich environment of innovative leaders and funders. And when it comes to IT consulting, Indianapolis can no longer be deemed a “best-kept secret.” The word’s out, and we’re happy to see so many emerging tech companies in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas offering managed IT. 

Managed IT Services in Indianapolis

With so many enterprises and large tech companies in Indianapolis, there’s a growing need for managed IT services. What exactly is managed IT, you ask? Well, it’s comprised of a range of tech-focused services where your business gains access to a team of experienced IT professionals and services for roughly the cost of one full-time employee. Managed IT services are typically called upon when a company lacks internal capabilities or an experienced IT team needs assistance taking some day-to-day tasks off their plate.

Better yet, the managed IT model comes complete with a Service Level Agreements—ensuring all up-time and support responsibilities are fully on your IT provider. This allows companies to forecast their monthly IT costs better and minimize potential issues down the line through a proactive approach.

Nearly every business has mission-critical technology that they need to be functioning at all times. With that being said, too many small businesses rely on their staff to ensure technology maintenance occurs regularly. In most cases, your employees won’t have the necessary skills and certifications that a trained IT technician would have. 

Furthermore, not having an in-house IT department isn’t in the best interest of your employees or business as a whole. If your team doesn’t have anyone to go to when they’re experiencing tech troubles, they’ll be forced to handle the problem independently—cutting into productivity and your bottom line.

Check out this IT consulting services list to see the different tasks a managed IT services team can handle for you:

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Onsite Desktop Support
  • Firewall and Virus Software
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Infrastructure Support
  • CIO (Chief Information Officer) On-Demand 
  • Microsoft SharePoint Implementation
  • Mobile Device Management 
  • Remote Access and VPN Services
  • Active Directory Management 
  • Vendor Management

Exact IT Consulting

At Exact IT Consulting, we understand that technology in the workplace is growing and evolving rapidly. And with this new and exciting innovation, unfortunately, comes a whole new era of cyber threats. If your business doesn’t have a team behind the scenes managing upkeep and maintenance, you run the risk of cybersecurity breaches, data loss, and an array of other issues that can negatively impact your business. 

When it comes to managed IT services, Indianapolis has you covered with some of the leading tech professionals in the country. We’re proud to be a group of Indy-centric managed IT professionals who have years of experience across multiple technical environments. Our team ranges from enterprise-level technical engineers to desktop support technicians for basic user troubleshooting, and we effortlessly cater to any level of technical support you require.

We’re there to be your personal IT consultants, listening to your unique needs and being a trustworthy resource that you can offload problems on when you need to focus on running your business. Some of the most significant ways our managed IT services can benefit you, your employees, customers, and overall business operations during this time include the following:

  • Remote Patching and Maintenance: If you’ve ever tried updating each of your business’s workstations or servers with the latest patches and security updates, you know that it can take hours, even days, to complete. Despite the headache, these updates are necessary to ensure your technology works as intended. Outsourcing the responsibility is the move, as you won’t have to worry about finding time to update your systems. Having someone staying up-to-date on managing your systems will also help make them more secure in the long run.
  • Responsive Threat Detection: Countless threats exist on the web that can compromise your business. Between viruses, phishing, and malware, your business would benefit from professional help mitigating its exposure to cyber threats. You don’t have the time to monitor your entire network but you certainly don’t have the time (or money) to deal with a data breach. Hiring a team like Exact IT Consulting will give you peace of mind and ensure you stay focused on what’s most important: running your business.
  • Remote Management: One of the most beneficial aspects of managed IT is you won’t have to wait for a technician to arrive on-site before handling your technology troubles. Instead of having to travel to your business, we can resolve most issues by remoting into your device and troubleshooting from afar. Even in those rare circumstances where remote access isn’t enough to solve your problem, we’ll be there in person to offer unrivaled support.

We offer complete technology solutions to companies looking to leverage technology to work more efficiently. If you’re over dealing with annoying IT issues, reach out to our managed IT professionals at Exact IT Consulting. We’ll make sure your business stays in action through preventative IT maintenance and management. You can count on us for the best IT consulting in Indianapolis.

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