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Cloud Hosting

The tech environment is changing, and some businesses are now looking beyond traditional infrastructure setups and into the possibilities of cloud environments. Exact IT Consulting can help organizations scale in a standardized and centralized way as well as adhere to ever-changing compliance standards by using the cloud as a more efficient way to manage your hosting needs.

Through cloud hosting, Exact IT can assist with physical to cloud server migrations, cloud backup solutions, and Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure setup and management.

See how Exact IT can help with your Cloud Hosting

Once you have made the decision to move to the Cloud, we will ensure your data gets moved completely and intact while preserving your local presence throughout the process.

Moving your applications or databases to a managed cloud can deliver flexibility and scalability by reducing costs, increasing agility, and freeing up your staff resources.

The complexities of a cloud environment and a hybrid environment, in particular, make the configuration more challenging than would be the case in a single-location network. We will work with you to enable service for clients in various locations, using different kinds of hardware and software. Just like the administrator of a single-premises network, we will ensure the service is reliable, performance is acceptable, and communications are secure.

Our qualified administrators monitor everything that operates in your cloud: the users, data, applications, and services. Cloud management tools help our administrators oversee all types of cloud activities, such as resource deployment, use tracking, data integration, and even disaster recovery. Our cloud management tools provide us with administrative control over the infrastructure, platforms, applications, and data that—together—make your cloud work for you.

Backups are insurance protection for your business-critical data. Having an effective backup solution is the difference between an hour of downtime to restore lost data or permanently losing years of stored files and client history. Whether you experience a disaster, a server failure, or a corrupted file, it’s good to know your data can be restored with a simple call to our help desk. In addition to our cloud (offsite) backup solutions, we also can provide local (onsite) backup solutions as well.

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