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VoIP: How the Internet is Revolutionizing Voice Calls

The Internet has revolutionized so many parts of our lives: we access entertainment on-demand, set our thermostats miles away from home, and even go grocery shopping online. Even telephones have been upgraded thanks to the ability to get online—and no, we’re not counting smartphones. 

One piece of tech is gaining traction for companies of every shape and size all over the world. It’s called VoIP and it can make your organization’s communications faster, more personalized, and less expensive.

What is VoIP? 

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This term may sound complicated, but it simply refers to a phone service run through the Internet: you can make calls, receive messages, and generally enjoy all the benefits of a traditional phone plus some benefits only possible thanks to smart devices and better user experience design.

There’s no need for a phone line or all of the equipment and maintenance which come with a traditional phone system, plus with VoIP, there are no long-distance fees or contract plans with a set number of call minutes. The comparison has been made that VoIP is to telephones what email is to traditional mail because these services allow you to send unlimited communications with one connection, so once there’s wifi, you’re free to enjoy the innumerable benefits of VoIP.

Faster, More Efficient Communications

Since VoIP systems run on existing wifi networks, set-up inherently takes less time than a traditional phone service. There’s no need to assign desk phones to every employee, wade through a sea of cords and number codes or spend precious time on IT troubleshooting physical infrastructure issues. VoIP systems are designed for quick implementation to keep your team moving.

Additionally, the ease of using a VoIP and it’s Internet-based features means the tedious details of usability and scaling are a thing of the past. VoIP connects with computers and smart devices to offer a more intuitive user experience. The static and confusing buttons of desk phones are a thing of the past.

As team members join or depart your organization, VoIP makes it easier to digitally assign phone numbers and grant device permissions. This technology will save your IT and HR teams so much time and hassle, not to mention the efficiency it brings to your other employees and their day-to-day operations.

Greater Personalization (Beyond Voicemail Greetings)

Efficiency is also a result of improved user experience. Running your phone system via a computer, tablet, or smartphone greatly simplifies tasks like forwarding messages, transferring calls, and creating transcripts of voicemails. Instead of trying to remember someone’s extension and when to hit the pound key, your team can click, tap, or drag and drop icons to perform these functions. 

With this improved user experience comes the ability to customize your interface. Unlike a traditional phone, you can access and share functionalities across different devices and instantly manage your team’s accessibility of features like video and conference calls. Plus, because VoIP is still a burgeoning technology, there’s constant growth and innovation such as new features to improve mobility and CRM integration.

Goodbye Phone Bills

Thanks to its integration of smart devices, VoIP does more with less—including less money. Multiple phone numbers can be accessed from one device and multiple functions can be completed from one digital platform. You no longer need a separate phone, answering machine, fax machine, and the physical office space to hold all of these items. The abilities of these different tools have been simplified and contained in fewer devices which only require an Internet connection to run. When it comes to hardware, VoIP is automatically a good investment for your organization.

Globalization and remote employees are gaining popularity, so VoIP services are prepared to keep your company connected inside and out. According to Pew Research Center, nine out of 10 American adults use the Internet and about 75% have broadband in their homes. For efficiency, this means your team can be reached easily via almost any form of digital communication. For your bottom line, this means waving goodbye to large phone bills by letting your team use their own wifi connections to work from anywhere in the world. Plus, studies indicate that remote teams might be less expensive in general, due in part to lower turnover rates thanks to happier workers.

As the Internet continues to make our world more efficient, personalized, and cost-effective, it’s important for businesses to be active with technologies like VoIP to stay ahead in their industries while maintaining customer and employee satisfaction.

Our dedicated VoIP team helps clients understand their business phone requirements and prepares custom-tailored solutions. Exact IT Consulting provides you with a robust feature set, ongoing user training, and access to our live person help desk for responsive support for questions and system changes.

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