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Exploring Our New Email Phishing Training & Analysis Tool

Did you know “phishing” got its name when cybercriminals in the 1990s started sending out email “lures” and “hooks,” hoping people would “bite” and give up their private data? While we find the angler analogy pretty clever, email phishing is a growing concern we encourage everyone to get educated on.

With recent surveys revealing 1,025,968 phishing attacks took place in Q1 of 2022—the first time the 3-month total has exceeded 1 million—it’s obvious people need better training on how to protect themselves. 

That’s where Exact IT Consulting comes in! Our email cybersecurity training, paired with our state-of-the-art phishing tool, will set you and your business up with a full arsenal of education and support. Keep reading to learn more.

Exact IT’s Email Phishing & Analysis Tool with PII Protect 

Since most phishing emails show subtle hints of their fishy nature, we’ve developed the training and tools to help people catch malicious emails and maintain email security. Our training presents a first-hand look at the various ways cybercriminals reel in victims, and our phishing tool allows users to identify phishing attempts and avoid contact altogether. 

With Exact IT’s email phishing and analysis tool with PII Protect, you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Dashboard: Easy access to your employee’s “secure score,” ESS trends and progress, overall company leaderboard with scores, and more
  • Training Tab: Displays any outstanding courses and previous course results
  • Micro Training: Lists all provided micro training
  • Dark Web: Find email addresses from your domain that have been part of a breach
  • Newsletter: A catalog of information from the PII Protect team

Interested in utilizing these services at your organization? Learn more in the video below and reach out to our team today!