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Remote Work Setup and Security Options

It’s official. Remote work is here to stay. Plenty of businesses are taking the lessons they learned from forced remote work due to the pandemic and implementing more policies allowing for working from home. While that’s great news for some, your IT team is probably not completely on board. Sure, they like working from home, but knowing that there are team members out there that might be using public WI-FI or not updating their security software, can keep them up at night.

We’ve talked plenty about the importance of IT security, but it goes double for devices when they leave the confines of the office. Are you sure your employees are all adhering to the proper security protocols?

You might be surprised by how many of your organization’s security issues come from within. A major contributor is user error, which can lead to some pretty severe problems reaching from your data security, to your workflow, all the way to the continuation of your business itself.

From an employee accidentally clicking the wrong link in an email to accessing business data they have no reason to access, user error can span from accidental to outright malicious. This is made worse if a business neglects to remove a former employee from their system, allowing that employee to continue accessing the business’ network, or selling their access credentials to the highest bidder.

Exact IT Consulting is here to help wherever possible to assist in facilitating a secure remote work environment. Please reach out to us if you need assistance.

Please Be Advised

Some people have used the pandemic to exploit businesses and individuals into revealing sensitive information. Please exercise caution in handling any email related to COVID-19. This caution should also apply to social media posts, texts, and calls.

Do not click on any links relating to COVID-19 without checking that they are valid links. If you have any questions about the validity of an email, reach out to your trusted IT consultant, or feel free to reach out to us. Hover over the link to see if the URL at the bottom of your screen is legitimate or is from the sender they claim to be. Learn more tips like this in ransomware training from Exact IT.

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