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Microsoft Office 365 Email Backups & Disaster Recovery

Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery Solutions

When it comes to your business data and files, disasters come in many forms. Whether it’s ransomware attacks, natural disasters, or resentful ex-employees, Exact IT can help safeguard your organization by creating a disaster recovery strategy.  

You don’t have time to deal with cookie-cutter solutions that don’t meet your unique needs and expectations. We have the experience and expertise to design and implement the backup solutions your organization needs to combat disasters of any kind.

Catering To Your Unique Needs

Though every business is different, there are three key factors that we look at to determine the extent of your backup and disaster recovery needs. These include:

  • Server Dependency Level: How critical is your data? We’ll perform an in-depth analysis to see.
  • Cost of Downtime: Downtime is the number one casualty of data loss. Are you wasting money and resources? 
  • Amount of Data: How much data does your server hold? If you’re holding large files and documents, you need the right storage solutions.

Disaster Recovery Tailored to Your Business

With Exact IT, you can expect budget-conscious and scalable solutions tailored to your organization. No matter your situation, we’re here to help you explore your options:

Local Onsite
Layer 3: Hybrid

Document Lifecycle Evaluation

There are many different retentions, sharing, and security requirements depending on the industry you’re in. Our team can help you stay compliant throughout the document lifecycle by evaluating the following:

  • Creation
  • Storage
  • File Structure
  • Use
  • Archive
  • Deletion
Server Room

Microsoft Office 365 and Email Backup Storage

Did you know that if your organization uses Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft isn’t backing up your files? It’s true! We can help you find the best backup storage solution no matter where your organization’s data is, including:

Microsoft Office 365

Email Inbox

Local Servers & Workstations

Exact IT Consulting is here to help you find the best disaster recovery and backup solutions to help your organization thrive. As a premier managed IT services organization with a knack at helping businesses of all shapes and sizes make long-term IT decisions, we’re confident we can give you the support you need to keep your important data secure.

Let us help you with all your tech troubles! Request a consultation today.