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Exact IT Support

When in doubt, reach out.

Are you a current client and need support? All you need to do is reach out and we’ll be there to help.

If you have a non-urgent issue:

Submit a ticket via email or give us a call.

Headquarters Support Email:
Headquarters Support Phone: 317-608-0227

Kentucky Support Email:
Kentucky Support Phone: 859-272-0080

If you have an urgent issue:

Call 317-608-0227, option 1.

Kentucky clients should call our dedicated KY support line at 859-272-0080, option 1.

When You Should Contact the Help Desk:

  • Basic computer troubleshooting
  • Microsoft Office products – Outlook, Word, Excel, SharePoint, OneDrive etc. 
  • Telephone system troubleshooting
  • IT security concerns
  • User account creation and deletion  
  • Vendor management
  • Email troubleshooting
  • Any other technical troubles you have

Interacting with Support

Remote network monitoring means that Exact IT professionals can access your system remotely to identify issues and work to fix them without the need to be in the same room. You get better monitoring, automatic updates, and faster results. And with Exact IT’s chat function, remote network monitoring support calls clients can chat with our professionals. Instead of taking all your attention with a phone call clients are free to continue with their day-to-day tasks. 

Each month, our clients receive a report that details their previous month’s support ticket activity including information about the number of tickets broken down by issue, technician, time, and more.

What to Do in an Emergency

What qualifies an emergency:

  • Internet outage
  • Telephone system or VoIP outage
  • Known security breach
  • Ransomware or phishing attack (confirmed or suspected)
  • If you’re questioning whether it’s an emergency, just call

If you are experiencing an emergency, call us immediately at 317-608-0227 (select option 1) or 859-272-0080 (select option 1) for Kentucky clients, especially after business hours. We don’t check support tickets as often after normal business hours.