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Tips for Success in a Hybrid Work Environment

Over the years, many companies have realized some of the key benefits to keeping their employees remote. With that being said—every company is different. You need to think about which of your employees do better working in the office, which of your employees do better from home, and how you can retain the top talent in your company. 

And though this is likely the wave of the future, hybrid work environments can be challenging to manage. When some of your employees are in the office and some work remotely, it can become difficult to keep everyone on the same page. What are a few tips you should follow to ensure your success in a hybrid work environment? Keep reading to find out:

Ensure IT Security

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First, you need to ensure your IT security is where it should be. Remote employees likely won’t have all the same safety protocols as your team in the office using the company network. It’s best to make sure all your team members know some cybersecurity best practices. Here are some basics:

  • Never connect unknown devices to computers.
  • Only utilize company-approved software and hardware.
  • Know how to spot phishing emails and what to do with them. 

Better yet, you can set your team up with everything they need to know about proper cybersecurity with our FREE ransomware training course.

Establish Firm Communication Protocols

Keeping everyone on the same page can be difficult; that’s why you need to make sure you have helpful communication protocols. If someone has a question, who should they reach out to?

You may want to use communication applications that make it easier for employees to keep track of their interactions. For example, they can create different chats with different groups to manage various projects they might be working on. That way, they can look at the chat history if they have questions about a specific part of the project.

Streamline Interaction

You should be helping to create opportunities for your employees to interact. This way, everyone who works with your company can feel like part of a team. If you have a remote or hybrid team, your employees won’t see each other face-to-face every day. In light of this, you can arrange outings safely where people can hang out outside of work. It is always helpful when your employees can put a face to a name. You might want to talk to some of your employees to see what types of outings they might enjoy.

Minimize Your Meetings

There are some situations where meetings might be necessary; however, you should try to minimize them as much as possible. Everyone’s time is valuable, and you need to make sure your employees maximize the amount of time they spend on their projects.

If there are situations where a meeting is essential, try to arrange a video call. When people can see each other, they get to know one another better. They will have an easier time interpreting the information, which can shorten the meeting time. Moreover, be sure your video conferencing software has firm security measures in place.

Focus on Cloud Use

You should take advantage of the cloud. Cloud storage is essential because it allows both your remote employees and your office employees to access the information they need. There are plenty of options available for cloud storage, and you’ll need to consider the benefits and drawbacks of each option. Some of the most popular include Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services. If you have questions about which one is right for your business, reach out to a professional and they’ll surely be able to assist you.

Provide All Hardware and Software Required

Even if your employees are working from home, you should still provide them with all the hardware and software they need. If you do not provide hardware and software to your employees, they will use their own devices. Those devices might not be approved by your security team, and this can create additional vulnerabilities. If your employees insist on using their own devices, make sure you and your tech team take a look at them first. That way, you can put the same security protocols on their personal devices as you would on your company devices.

Work With a Managed IT Service Provider

There are many steps to follow if you want to put your hybrid work environment in a position to succeed. A managed IT service provider can handle most if not all of these issues for you, allowing you to focus on what’s important: your business! At Exact IT Consulting, it would be our pleasure to help you create a productive hybrid work environment. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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