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When the Lights (Um, Internet) Go Out

By now, you know that your files and PC should be backed up, so you don’t lose or get locked out of any mission-critical data. Now it’s time to consider backing up one of our most valuable assets in today’s age: your internet connection.

Some organizations with high internet usage choose to have more than one hardlined internet connection from multiple ISPs (internet service providers). This way, if one goes out, they’re not completely incapacitated. But for some businesses, it just won’t make financial sense to have a secondary internet connection—not when there is another cost-effective way to keep your business running smoothly.

Cellular Carriers Function as a Wireless Backup 

If and when your hardlined internet connection fails, you can utilize your organization’s cellular carrier as a wireless LTE backup. If you’ve ever used your phone as a hotspot, this type of wireless backup functions similarly, but with more power. Your IT service provider can install a cellular wireless router with a SIM card allowing you to connect to the internet wirelessly. This way, if a storm knocks out your internet, you won’t lose an entire afternoon getting back up and running.

If one or more of your essential business elements requires an uninterrupted internet connection, you should consider cellular backup. For example, if your organization utilizes any sort of e-commerce, then a lack of internet could be devastating, leaving orders to pile up. Even if you’re only using it to check and respond to emails, not having access is enough to cause problems.

So, What Is an LTE Failover? 

An LTE failover is an internet connection designed to turn on automatically during an internet outage. While your internet is working fine, the LTE failover sits dormant. But when the internet goes out, it kicks on and allows you to keep working as usual. 

You’ll need to pay some upfront fees, such as the LTE compatible router and professional installation—but cellular internet backup can cost less than half the price of a second dedicated internet hardline. You can look at this type of backup internet as insurance. You hope you don’t have to use it, but if the need arises, you’ll be glad you have it.

This kind of backup is essential for any company that uses VoIP for its phone systems. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) offers plenty of benefits in terms of functionality and interface, but if you have no internet, you have no phone system. Whether you’re using VoIP internally or as a direct line to your clients, you don’t want to lose your primary method of communication. 

Besides saving money and protecting your phone connection, LTE failover plans create an internet connection that rarely goes out. Cellular internet is seldom on the fritz, and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with a stable connection. 

LTE Backups Sound Great—What Next? 

When the Internet Goes Out” sounds like a bad horror movie, but the real terror could be your organization’s lost revenue due to an outage. Downtime can have a hefty effect on your budget and negatively affect your business. Any time your business isn’t functioning as intended is a lost opportunity for your bottom line.

If you’re convinced of the benefits of an LTE failover modem, you might be wondering about next steps. Thankfully, Exact IT can handle the tech aspects of setting you up with an LTE failover connection. Our team will be with you every step of the way, from working with your cellular carrier to completing monthly maintenance. 

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