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IT Solutions for the Legal Industry

IT Solutions for the Legal Industry

As technology evolves, it grows more difficult to meet the IT demands of the legal sector. Law firms are already responsible for ensuring that partners, associates, clerical staff, and paralegals have access to the right applications and client records while protecting sensitive information and meeting compliance standards. Plus, cybercriminals know that law firms handle large masses of money and will directly target them in an effort to steal a piece of the pie. In order to keep up with the industry challenges, law firms must optimize their IT operations with a premier IT services provider. 

Outsourcing a managed service provider (MSP) will not only save you money in the long run but also the headache of troubleshooting IT issues that seem to appear out of thin air. Instead of hiring and training an internal IT team, MSPs already have the experience and expertise that you’re searching for and cost a fraction of the expenses it takes to onboard additional full-time employees. Did we mention that MSPs that offer Helpdesk as a service (HaaS) are available for 24-hour support? 

Benefit From Helpdesk as a Service (HaaS)

24-hour IT support goes hand in hand with law firms that operate around the clock. MSPs that offer Helpdesk as a Service are the secret weapon to staying on top of it all, especially when things fall apart. HaaS allows you to reach out to IT support at any time of the day whether you have IT security concerns, need troubleshooting assistance, or need help with remote network monitoring. Remember, disasters don’t always conveniently occur from 9 AM to 5 PM; you truly never know when your technology will backfire, so seek out HaaS for that extra piece of mind. 

Keep Your Data Secure with Trusted Cybersecurity Solutions

Law firms’ databases are full of sensitive information, and the number one priority should be protecting their clients from cybercriminals, ransomware, and malpractice. When choosing an MSP for your business, ensure that you have access to enterprise-level cybersecurity training tools—like phishing analysis tools and ransomware training—that will protect your business. 

Meet Compliance Systems with Cloud Hosting

As a business in the legal sector, you are under an obligation to stay compliant with regulatory requirements on the federal, state, and even international levels. Keep up with all these compliance standards through cloud hosting. Cloud hosting goes beyond traditional infrastructure setups to help businesses scale in a centralized way. Migrating your databases to a managed cloud can drive flexibility and scalability by reducing costs, increasing agility, and freeing up your resources. With cloud hosting, MSPs can assist with physical-to-cloud server migrations, cloud backup solutions, and more. 

Is Outsourcing a Managed Service Provider Worth It? We’ll Let You Be the Judge…

Managed IT is only growing in popularity, but it’s important to outsource an MSP that fits your needs. Exact IT Consulting provides top-tier IT to all kinds of businesses, including those in the legal sector. 

We’re more than just an IT vendor—we’re your partner in helping your business thrive for years to come. We have experience with software such as MyCase, Legal Files, Practicepanther, and Litify. From cybersecurity training to cloud hosting and data backups (and much more), look to Exact IT for a professional edge that you can trust. 

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