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Outsource IT Maintenance to the Pros and Worry Less About Malware and Breakdowns

It’s safe to say that almost every office worker needs access to the Internet in order to do their job. More so, what they don’t need to access is cat videos, memes, personal social media, online games, and malware-ridden websites. How exactly can a business owner clamp down on Internet activity in their office? By equipping their network with a content filtering solution, of course.

Invest in a Content Filtering Solution

Having a content filtering solution allows you to block websites and online content visited by users across your network. This can range from staff at their workstations, remote employees on their mobile devices, and even customers taking advantage of your Wi-Fi. By implementing a content filtering solution, you will enhance your business by boosting productivity and security.

Regarding employee productivity, it’s likely that the office comes with enough difficult-to-manage distractions as it is—like mindless chitchat, political debates, and those who have “a case of the Mondays.” So why would you want to add virtual distractions of the web to the list? With content filtering, you can rest assured that the time employees spend online is time that will benefit your bottom line.

Prioritize Cybersecurity

Regarding security, all it takes is for one user to click on the wrong link and boom, your network is infected with malware. Seeing as there are a ton of websites designed to be a delivery system for malware, and these sites are spoofed in a variety of ways that can trick even the most experienced users. You don’t want to leave the safeguarding of your network from these sites to chance. With a content filtering solution in place, you can prevent users from visiting these dangerous sites, once and for all.

Practice What You Preach

In addition to keeping employees out of sticky online situations, you can apply content filtering to your own computer to help keep yourself on task. Think, for example, of how embarrassing it would be if it were discovered that a website you visited that’s in your browser history was responsible for a massive, company-wide data breach. That is one apology letter that no business owner should have to write to their clients, but with a content filtering solution in place, you won’t have to.

As a bonus, a content filtering solution like what Exact IT offers is specifically designed for enterprises with multiple departments using the Internet for a variety of tasks. This allows you to filter websites on a per-user basis, meaning that you and whoever oversees marketing can access social media to run your company’s accounts, while other workers are blocked from these needless distractions.

Combat Threats with Exact IT

As great as content filtering is, it’s only one piece of the network security puzzle. This is why we offer a security solution, like a Unified Threat Management tool, that comes with content filtering, as well as firewall protection, spam prevention, antivirus, and more. 

Ease your IT concerns when you work with Exact IT Consulting. We offer a comprehensive suite of proactive and innovative technology solutions that can help you make strategic, long-term IT decisions that will positively impact your organization.