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The Monsters You’ll Meet in IT

The monsters you'll meet in IT

From storybook tales to legends told around the campfire, you’ve probably heard a monstrous story or two. While those creatures are often associated with fantasy, the IT space has several real-life monsters of its own. Learn more about these beasts and paranormal beings and what you can do to repel them.

Dont let vampires (ransomware) drain you dry

Don’t Let Vampires Drain You Dry 

Vampires have a few calling cards—black capes, transforming into bats, and of course, draining their victims of blood. In many ways, ransomware is the vampire of the IT world. No, you don’t have to worry about it sprouting wings, but you do have to stay vigilant, or else it will suck you dry. 

Ransomware essentially infects your system and drains it of essential files, folders, and entire databases. The ransomware vampire then holes your data up in its castle and keeps it as ransom, hoping for a handsome payout in the end. 

The good news is that you can learn to avoid these vampires, given the right training. Exact IT’s ransomware training course is like a basket full of garlic ready to ward off the creatures of the night. 

Avoid Zombie Brain 

We’ve all had those days where we feel like a total zombie. Maybe it’s on Monday mornings before we have our coffee, or perhaps Fridays feel slow with the weekend approaching. Whatever the case for you, zombie brain is a real thing, especially when you’re constantly troubleshooting IT problems. 

Fortunately, you can say goodbye to the zombie fog with a quick call to the Exact IT Helpdesk. Our techs can do it all, including creating new accounts, addressing security concerns, and monitoring remote networks. So instead of wandering around like a zombie, get in touch with the experts.

Avoid zombie brain by contacting our Helpdesk
Befriend the Ghost of IT

Call In the Paranormal Experts 

Was that a trick of the light or gust of wind? Nope, it was the ghost of IT—cloud hosting! Whether you have a horror movie perception of a ghost or your ideal spirit is named Casper, they all have the same trait—invisibility. But even if you can’t always see your ghostly friends, they’re still by your side.

Ghostly cloud technology is at your service despite being invisible to the eye. As the tech scene changes, more and more organizations rely on cloud hosting to store data and applications. If you need some help managing cloud services, be sure to call the ghostbusters at Exact IT. 

Don’t Fear the Grim Reaper

Bigger is always better, right? That might be true when it comes to a slice of cake or a handful of candy, but dealing with giant stores of data can be a challenge. Without the proper tools, you can soon find yourself sagging under the weight of way too much data to handle. But with some help from IT’s grim reaper, you can cut down on data storage and say goodbye to overpopulation.

If giant databases are crushing your organization, look to Exact IT for managed IT services. Our professionals will help you build a sturdy infrastructure.

Don't fear the Grim Reaper (AKA huge stores of data)

Bloody Mary Doesn’t Pick Up the Phone

If you’ve ever said “Bloody Mary” three times in the mirror, you know Mary is awful at answering a call. You have to ring her at least three times, and even then, her connection might be bad. Like Bloody Mary, phone systems can be a hassle to deal with. 

But with the help of Exact IT, you can ensure that your phone line never leaves you hanging. We’ll help you create custom solutions involving video conferencing, SMS messaging, web apps, etc. Who knows—maybe Mary will respond quicker to a text.

Protect Against Fiery Devils

From old epics like Paradise Lost to modern fantasy TV, you don’t have to go far to see a fire-spewing devil hiding in the shadows. In the IT world, organizations are, similarly, threatened by the villains we can’t see until it’s too late—cyber attacks. 

Cybersecurity is a big deal these days, and you’ll need much more than just a firewall to protect yourself against a hot-headed devil. Fortunately, Exact IT can help you armor up with three-layer protection, spam filtering, and full-volume encryption.

Protect against fiery devils (AKA cyber attacks)
Rise up like a mummy with backup system

Rise Up from the Dead Like a Mummy

Without the proper protection, it’s only a matter of time before one of these monsters attacks. But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. With some expert help, your data will be reborn, and your organization will rise up from the dead, just like a mummy. When you’re the victim of cybercrime or data loss, look to Exact IT. We specialize in creating backups and disaster recovery solutions to help you get ready to retake your kingdom.

Whether you’re recovering from a monster attack or looking to avoid a run-in, Exact IT is here for you. Our team is trained to handle all kinds of IT issues and work with you to create a robust infrastructure that will deter future problems. You could say we’re the monster hunters of the IT scene! Request a consultation, and tell us which monsters are giving you trouble. 

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