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6 Benefits of Storing Financial Data Off-Site

Data loss can happen to any business—whether through burglary, power outages, natural disasters, or even human error. No matter how you slice it, storing important documents and files, on-site comes with its fair share of risks. 

Imagine a storm rolls through your area and causes a power outage at your office. It could take hours or even days to get back online. For too many small businesses, losing this data for even a short amount of time will negatively impact their bottom line. 

To avoid loss of revenue, fines, unhappy customers, and a dent in your reputation, Exact IT Consulting urges you to take preventative action and consider storing your financial data off-site. Not only does off-site data storage promote an increase in security and productivity, but it also works to protect your business operations and digital identity in case of a disaster. What could be better?

Learn more about the benefits of off-site data storage and how you can safeguard your business by making the switch today.  

Reap the Benefits when Switching To Off-Site Storage

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Backing up and storing data off-site is a cost-effective solution because it generally involves little to no setup costs, and you only pay for what you use. Plus, you won’t have to worry about creating your own storage infrastructures or paying employees to index and retrieve your documents. This option makes it possible for you to zone in on your business while your off-site storage provider handles your critical financial data’s safekeeping.

2. Streamlined Processes

Like most businesses that utilize on-site data storage systems,  you’re likely spending too much time searching for documents. Off-site data storage relieves the headache by offering a time-saving (and labor-saving) information access process. When you work with an off-site storage expert, all records will be indexed, categorized, and barcoded through an advanced inventory management system. This way, you can easily track down and acquire any financial document on your mind without hassle.  

3. Stronger Security

When your business’s every financial document is stored on-site, it can be nearly impossible to keep track of and effectively protect all this private information. With off-site data storage, the location of your financial information is never disclosed. Plus, you’ll have the benefits of sophisticated network security software to protect the data from online threats. Encrypted security is a highly-favorable aspect of storing financial information off-site, as data transfers will always include encryption for unrivaled security.  

4. Automated Updates

There’s always a new technological innovation on the horizon, especially when it comes to cybersecurity solutions. But that means using the same old on-site data storage can quickly become outdated. Off-site storage, on the other hand, includes automated updates and the ability to make edits in real time. 

5. Improved Compliance

If your business handles a wide range of personal or private data on a regular basis, you’re automatically at risk of non-compliance. This risk substantially increases when there is no adequate data management process in place. Above all else, don’t fall victim to lost files and potential data breaches due to a failed storage organization system. Off-site storage will not only help you align with the laws and regulations associated with document retention but also safeguards your customers’ confidentiality. Keep all your financial documents organized and secure with off-site storage solutions and increase compliance with ease. Be sure to talk to our team about cellular internet backup for even more peace of mind. 

6. Ease Of Use 

Implementing new tech in the workplace is often a hassle for leadership and their teams. However, off-site data storage is incredibly easy to adapt to. Most of the time, all you need is a strong internet connection. Once everything is stored off-site, your files will remain just as accessible (perhaps more so) as they were when they sat collecting dust in your office filing cabinet. 

Maximize Protection With Off-Site Data Storage

Whether you’re a financial institution or retail business, any industry can benefit from off-site financial data storage. Team up with Exact IT to develop the right plan for your important records and prevent unexpected issues from hindering your daily operations. 

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