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Reducing Operational Costs with Cloud Management

As this year begins to come to a close, you might be taking stock of your expenses, as operations have changed drastically in the past nine months.  Maybe you’ve started to reconsider your overhead costs and are looking for ways to protect your business; either by cutting excess expenses or simply ensuring that no matter what lies ahead in the upcoming year, your stability and success needs to be ensured.  

Implementing a cloud-based management system can be a clear and easy way to reduce cost, increase productivity, and downsize your space. Whether your business has maintained, reduced, or expanded in the past year, considering the move to cloud management will likely streamline your IT department’s processes and free up time to dedicate to more pressing issues. Let’s check out the benefits of switching.


If you are currently hosting your own website and platform, how much time is dedicated to the health, performance, and security of the platform and your website? Do you have a dedicated IT team or team member to oversee all of these tasks? By switching to a cloud management service, all of this can be eliminated from your team’s plate—allowing them to focus on projects and client services.  

Cloud management can reduce your overhead and maintenance costs since the host is responsible for all ongoing tasks related to managing your platform(s). The peace of mind alone should be worth the initial investment, as you won’t have to be the one personally responsible for fixing a sudden problem in the middle of the night.


Cloud management platforms adapt to your needs quickly and succinctly, all while saving you time and money.  Server maintenance, repairs, expansion, etc., are all controlled offsite, providing your organization an easy path to growth. 

This facet of cloud management helps alleviate unforeseen issues.  For instance, if your online business has increased, the cloud management company will be responsible for ensuring your website can handle all of the traffic without crashing.  What a relief, right?  This also means you’re only paying for the bandwidth you need, customized to your needs faster and more efficiently than you could do this onsite.

Reduced Hardware Costs

If you currently house servers internally, then you know how expensive it is to maintain them; the high-cost energy bills to keep them cool, the time and money it takes to update the servers. All of these costs are included with your engagement with a cloud platform. This means hardware, software, and services are all customized in your plan without forcing you to pay and maintain expensive equipment and could likely decrease your payroll expenditures. With less focus on interruptions of service, your IT team can be pared down to focus on greater goals and projects. 

Before you jump into a cloud management service, make sure to take stock of what you need and what you aren’t sure about. Any cloud management service you look into will be able to help determine (with your list!) what kind of plan will best meet your needs. Most services are a month-to-month cost, which means you’ll only be paying for what you need.  

In a year of extreme uncertainty and so many drastic changes, maybe this is the sign you need to consider that drastic change in your IT operations.  At Exact IT we can help determine what your needs will be and can help get you set to a stress-free cloud management life.  Reach out today to speak with one of our experts! 

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