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What to Look for In Nonprofit IT Support

Every organization needs file sharing, cybersecurity, and email to function, but outsourcing a managed service provider (MSP) can help your organization achieve maximum efficiency in regard to this technology. In fact, nonprofit organizations heavily benefit from outsourced IT support. Typically functioning in smaller teams, nonprofits already have limited time and capacity for managing their technology. Plus, many of the professionals that work in the nonprofit sector are required to wear different hats already, so why add IT management to their plate? That’s why it’s important to outsource an IT consulting company that meets the unique needs of the nonprofit world—so nonprofits can continue to serve the masses while dodging any issues that may arise.

Since nonprofits serve a different purpose than for-profit enterprises (often achieving service-focused missions), their IT needs will differ from most organizations that fall in the for-profit sector. While for-profit organizations will focus solely on customer service and satisfaction, nonprofits work with a large variety of stakeholders to satisfy. Therefore, nonprofits require a much more elevated approach to IT management in order to excel at organizational functions. 


Cybersecurity is one of the highest priorities for nonprofits—especially since large donors make nonprofits an easy target for cybercriminals and ransomware. In handling donors’ data and contributions, it’s critical to maintain their trust and ensure that you will protect their information with airtight security. 

When searching for IT solutions, it’s ideal to invest in an MSP that provides multi-layered security support—such as enterprise antivirus protection, endpoint detection response (EDR), and a security operations center. For additional protection, consider an MSP that offers internal training tools to educate your team on the risks of cybercrime—like ransomware and phishing training.


Nonprofits are always looking to expand their reach and impact. As nonprofit organizations grow, their IT solutions should grow with them. With cloud hosting, organizations are offered scalability while adhering to ever-changing compliance standards. As nonprofits develop in size, they must take even more needs into account by working with donors, funders, constituents, community members, board members, etc. 

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Like most organizations, nonprofits operate on the files they store and share. Unfortunately, disasters manifest in many different forms that could take a hit on your organization as a whole. In order to safeguard your organization, you need an MSP that will help you develop a disaster recovery strategy.  

When disaster strikes, the downtime spent to resolve the situation can cost you your bottom line. However, if you have access to 24-hour Help Desk support, you can minimize that downtime and save yourself a headache. It’s ideal to find an MSP that offers Managed IT, Cybersecurity Resources, and Help Desk as a Service, and you can be confident in multiple layers of protection and support. 

Invest in Long-Term IT Solutions with Exact IT

In the nonprofit sector, consider an MSP that has the longevity of your goals in mind. At Exact IT Consulting, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of the nonprofit industry—so our clients can continue to serve the masses while dodging any issues that may arise.

As opposed to acting as a tech “vendor” to our clients, Exact IT is a true partner in implementing new and improved IT approaches. When you partner with Exact IT, our team will manage your IT and cybersecurity needs, so you can continue making a greater impact. Schedule a consultation today!

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