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3 Major Mistakes to Avoid when Going Paperless

So, you want to convert your office to paperless, but are you prepared to do it correctly?  Depending on your organization’s size, it might be a straightforward process—or it might be a logistical nightmare. Either way, here are some mistakes to avoid when going paperless. 

Mistake 1: Starting Without a Plan

First and foremost, create a tangible plan of action.  It’s imperative that you take inventory of what you want to start storing and saving.  If you were to start from scratch, do you have an idea of what documents and services you want to be paperless?  Will all contracts need to be created, signed, and stored as files?  Will you need to store them and have a back-up?  

Will you need to convert your physical files into electronic files retroactively?  Make sure this is on your plan, once you’ve made the conversion.  Start with the most important documents and work your way down.

In this stage, you should definitely designate someone to be the lead on this project—it is a major project.  With one person who has a clear understanding of what needs to happen and the timeframe in which this project needs to be completed, it’s easier for all involved to have one person who is the go-to for questions, clarification, and check-ins.

Mistake 2: Choosing the Wrong Technology

At Exact IT, we understand the choices for how to convert and store electronic files can seem daunting. It’s a good thing we’re the experts.  We can consult with you to pick the best options to fit your company’s needs. Whether it be a cloud-based storage system, a back-up server, or just a well-maintained document management service, we can expertly help you keep your new operating costs to a minimum while reducing waste and time.

Implementing the scanning process may seem daunting.  We also want to ensure you have the proper equipment to handle scanning your old and new electronic files. Do you need to upgrade your scanning equipment? Do you need to get a paper shredder or outsource to a third party? Do you have a plan for backups? All of these options should be considered and decided prior to the commencement of this transition.

Mistake 3: Not Training Staff for the Future

Not having a definitive staff training plan can be a big mistake. If you’re doing all the work of getting your organization to the status of paperless, but then no one adheres to paperless policies moving forward, you’ll soon find yourself back at square one. Outlining clear, easy-to-follow instructions and defining new expectations will ultimately lead to a more seamless transition with fewer hangups and faster implementation.

Taking the leap to convert your office into a more green space, starting by eliminating your paper trail, is an undertaking, but one that will save you money, time, and security.  

With our help throughout the process, we can help your business become more streamlined with processes, ensure your documents are appropriately stored and accessible, and answer any questions you have throughout the process. We’re here to support you.  

Contact us today to schedule your paperless conversion consultation!

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