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IT Management that Ensures Airtight Security

It’s no secret that insurance companies prioritize cybersecurity in every sector of the business. Above all else, tight security and functional operating systems are crucial to protecting clients’ sensitive data and personal information. With so many moving parts to manage, it’s essential to have the right IT partners in place with dedicated expertise to support the success of your company. At Exact IT, we tailor our services to the unique needs of insurers.

Ramp Up Your Privacy and Protection

Insurance companies are without a doubt targets for scammers. For most small and medium-sized businesses, a data breach has the potential to be catastrophic—regardless of whether the information is stolen or the network is penetrated causing a loss to client records.

Exact IT can help you take proactive data and network security measures to significantly reduce the chance that your network will fall victim to cybercriminals. This includes ransomware training, password management, enterprise-level cybersecurity, and more.

Remote Access & VPN Services

The ability to access your files while on the go has become standard in today’s business environment. However, remote users can impose a significant risk to your cybersecurity when operating out of cloud systems. Exact IT can provide you with remote access and VPN, allowing you and your employees to un-tether from the desk—increasing productivity and efficiency while decreasing your costs.

Add another shield of protection from hackers with our multi-factor authentication. When a second round of credentials is required to access your files, you mitigate the risk of cybercriminals stealing your information. With multi-factor authentication tactics, you can limit your data’s exposure to threats and maximize security.

Person using a computer with Security features.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Exact IT works with various organizations in different industries to help businesses make strategic, long-term IT decisions. As a trusted partner, we align technology with your objectives and improve the operational efficiency of your business—freeing up your time and money.

Get outsourced support from IT experts. Whether you have questions about inefficiencies, risks, training, or resources, our team is here to provide real-time support for your specific needs.

Looking for Long-Term IT Solutions? Chat with Our Experts.

As you grow and work on improving your operations, technology, and bottom line, consider a partner who has your long-term interests in mind. When you partner with Exact IT, our team will handle your IT and security, so you can shift your focus back to the complex challenges you solve daily.

Instead of acting as a tech “vendor” to our clients, we consider ourselves as your partner in implementing new and improved IT approaches. Plus, we know how to scale our services according to the growth and size of your business.

We have experience with software such as The Agency Advantage, AgencySmart, AMS360, Applied Epic, BriteCore, EZLynx, iLife Technologies, Newton, QQCatalyst, The Agency Advantage, and Vertfore.