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Are Your Company-Owned Devices Protected? Consider Web Content Filtering


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As a business owner, you want to ensure that your company is safe from the inevitable cybercrime of the wild wild west (we’re talking about the Internet). While you may have external defenses against cyber threats, taking precautions internally is equally important. In fact, one of the greatest threats to your network security is your employees.

We know that employees will have the occasional side-quest on their work computers—whether that’s sending each other memes, researching what they’ll eat for lunch, or watching funny yet distracting cat videos. All it takes is one employee clicking the wrong link or downloading the wrong attachment to compromise data and expose it to threatening entities. However, you must instill trust in your employees to follow the company’s IT policies, and just in case they do break the code of conduct, you should set up web content filtering.

What are the Benefits of Using Web Content Filtering?

Domain name system (DNS) filtering is the process of using a domain name system to filter out inappropriate content and block malicious websites from your servers.

Truth be told, the Internet is a place filled with endless possibilities and opportunities, but not all of them are great for your business. Some content on the Internet can be malicious in nature, including websites designed to harvest credentials and websites laden with malware or viruses. Installing a web content filter can keep your employees away from unsafe or wasteful online content, and it can be implemented on a per-user basis.

Essentially, companies can leverage DNS filtering to control what employees can see on company-owned devices. This includes preventing them from visiting sites that are inappropriate or may be malicious and accessing streaming sites that might be affecting bandwidth. DNS filtering essentially adds an extra layer of security—preventing access to spammy or phishing links—as well as control to what your team can access on company-owned devices.

What’s In It for Me?

The big picture here is that DNS filtering will protect your business and your company-owned devices, as well as boost employee productivity and minimize distractions online. With pricing at $5 per endpoint, you can easily add DNS filtering to your network and rest easy knowing your business is protected—from the inside out.

Reach out to the Exact IT Consulting team today to add this to your plan!

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