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The Business Benefits of Implementing Microsoft SharePoint

The Business Benefits of Implementing Microsoft SharePoint

Tired of repetitive tasks, data redundancy, permission issues, and confusing storage structure that makes it hard to find the files you need? When it comes to business operations, project management is essential for keeping the team organized and on-task while actively meeting deadlines—especially for those working remotely or asynchronously. 

Consider Microsoft SharePoint for your project management needs. From document management to its automation capabilities, SharePoint increases communication and collaboration among your team, helping your business run more effectively. Let’s get into the benefits SharePoint can bring to your company.

Scalable Storage Options

Wouldn’t it be convenient to access any information, company-wide, in a matter of clicks? With Microsoft SharePoint, you can allow your employees access to any information they need—from anywhere. One of the most popular options is SharePoint Online, a cloud-based service that will allow your employees to create sites and share documents and information with co-workers, colleagues, and customers. 

Customizable Permissions

Nobody likes an oversharer, and the same goes for your files! The chances of your employees needing access to every file in your database are pretty slim, which is why selecting a tool with customizable permissions is best. 

When employees have access to everything, they are likely to get confused or overwhelmed by the information and may even use the incorrect files. Fortunately, with SharePoint, you can control access to sites and site content by assigning permissions to users or groups for a specific site or site content. This is especially helpful when sharing information with customers that only need a limited amount of information.

Increased Collaboration & Communication

The beauty of SharePoint is that it provides project teams with a central hub to share and collaborate on project plans, project issues, details, deliverables, and timelines—saving time and reducing development costs. Team members can communicate, share documents, and give feedback in real-time. 

However, since SharePoint’s main benefit is building efficiency, it’s important to define the measure of success before starting a project. The key is then sticking to that goal to establish the actual value the project has to your company once completed. After all, when every team member is on the same page, the workflow becomes more streamlined (for everyone involved).

Find Out if Microsoft SharePoint is Right for Your Business 

SharePoint can be beneficial for most organizations that need a dedicated collaboration solution, but if it isn’t leveraged correctly, it can be a major learning curve and time-consuming in terms of training. The decision to implement SharePoint ultimately depends on your company’s specific pain points, needs, and goals.

Whether you’re looking for the full Microsoft 365 suite or a standalone SharePoint service, Exact IT can assist you. To learn more about Microsoft SharePoint, contact Exact IT Consulting today.

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