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TINA Watson

Technical Sales Consultant (Lexington)

Tina came to Exact IT with over 24 years in the IT industry and has been with the team since 2023. One of her biggest strengths as an IT Sales Consultant is assisting people with understanding, utilizing, and appreciating technology. Her in-depth knowledge of the industry makes her a key asset to Exact IT. After 24+ years, one thing is for certain; “have you tried restarting?” 

What’s the biggest tech misconception you’ve heard?
“When I hear someone tell me Microsoft called them to say they detected a problem on their computer and want remote access. Microsoft will NEVER call you! It’s not actually them. Hang up!”

If you could have any job for a day—unrelated to IT—what would it be?
“Activities director at a tropical resort or a chocolate taste tester.”

If you could create a mascot for our company, what would it be and why?
“A computer mouse with ears and a tail that can also talk and give basic IT support.”