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The Benefits of an MSP for a Car Dealership

Every car dealership around today utilizes technology in one way or another. 

Whether it’s emailing back and forth with clients, processing payments, or tracking day-to-day operations, technology is a crucial aspect of any successful business. With that being said, dealerships manage technology internally. If something goes wrong, it’s on them to fix the issue before the problem has a chance to affect everyday business. 

Finding the appropriate solution or expert to solve the problem at hand not only takes a lot of downtime, but it could also come at an unexpected (and hefty) expense. 

To avoid wasting valuable time and money, many car dealerships are teaming up with IT managed services to ensure their technology is completely taken care of. 

If you’re a car dealership looking to keep up with the ever-evolving technical expectations of your customers and employees, we encourage you to learn more about the benefits of a managed services provider (MSP).

How an MSP Can Benefit Your Business Operations

As a business owner, you have enough on your plate. Let Exact IT and our comprehensive IT managed services handle any technical issues you’re facing so you can stay focused on what you do best: running your dealership. Below are a few reasons we believe you could benefit from relying on an MSP. 

Preventative Maintenance

As a busy business, it makes sense that you may not have the time or resources to establish an effective disaster prevention plan. We get it! That’s why one of the main goals of MSP is to maintain your technology proactively. A managed service provider will keep all your dealerships’ technology up-and-running by confronting small issues before they have a chance to interrupt normal business functions. 

Mobile Device Management

If you’ve decided to catch up with the times and incorporate smartphones, tablets, or laptops at your dealership, Exact IT’s managed services provider can effectively deploy, secure, and manage your devices. We’ll optimize the functionality and security of your mobile devices with an emphasis on protecting your network. Our mobile device management tools are:

  • Compatible with all devices, operating systems, and service providers.
  • Capable of being implemented over the air and target specific devices.
  • Able to remove or add devices from the system to better protect your network and increase efficiency.

Backup and Recovery Solutions

With one wrong click of the mouse, business-critical data can be jeopardized or lost at any given moment. Between malicious infections, hard drive crashes, and other technical issues, it’s never been more critical to ensure your files are protected and backed up both locally and offsite. With high-quality backup and recovery solutions, an MSP can alleviate the headaches associated with lost data. Several different options are available when it comes to backing up your files, including local, offsite, and cloud backups. By using the best software and hardware the industry has to offer, you can count on your data never getting lost.

Lower Costs 

All the benefits mentioned above point to one distinct advantage that all business owners love: saving money! An MSP ensures your business’ technology is maintained regularly, and they’ll be able to identify any wasteful spending on tech your dealership doesn’t actually need. You’ll also be at a reduced risk of hardware failure because replacing expensive equipment like workstations or servers is largely preventable when adequately maintained. Significantly lower your technology costs by pairing up with an experienced MSP.

Exact IT’s MSP Solutions Are Here to Help

Keep up with demand as well as the latest and greatest technological advances with our MSP solutions. Exact IT has in-depth experience with dealership platforms, such as Dominion Dealer Solutions, Reynolds and Reynolds, and Epicor (Formerly Activant). We proactively monitor your critical systems and provide around-the-clock support when you need us most. 

We work with numerous dealerships, including:

  • Chevrolet 
  • Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram
  • GMC
  • Ford
  • Hyundai
  • KIA
  • Buick
  • Honda
  • Mazda

Managed IT provides your business access to a team of experienced IT professionals and services for the cost of roughly one full-time employee. Curious about the cost? Check out our free Managed IT Cost Calculator