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The Many Ways Your Business Can Benefit By Having a Productivity Suite

For the modern business it’s important to have software that is both simple to use and powerful enough to meet your needs. Nowadays, there are cloud-based platforms that come with storage, communication options, and many of the enterprise-level productivity applications that drive your organization’s productivity. Two of these, Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s G-Suite bring substantial value and flexibility to the table where there was once only expense.

These platforms are generally referred to as productivity suites. The productivity suite has been around for decades, but today is available through the cloud, and as a service. The productivity suite typically includes a word processor, spreadsheet software, a presentation builder, and an email management solution. Though today’s services tend to offer different service packs that include other pieces of software with the intention that particular users need different applications to be productive.

With that in mind, here are the applications that allow your business to benefit from the modern-day productivity suite:

Word Processor

It’s fairly self-explanatory why being able to write or edit documents is important. With built-in capabilities to create invoices, tax forms, receipts, letters, and so much more, the word processor has been a major part of every productivity suite for decades. In today’s cloud-based software, higher degrees of collaboration between users are supported, giving the information age word processor a valuable business tool. Microsoft Office 365 offers the powerful Word, while Google offers Google Docs.

Email Management

Perhaps one of the most critical parts of running a business is its communications. While many businesses have chosen to host their own email servers in the past, the new productivity suites come with a secure and powerful email solution built in. Today’s email solutions provide a number of options for users to organize themselves as they see fit. Today’s email programs are built with the security and privacy of their users in mind, and have integrated options to adjust the level of security a company needs to stay safe and compliant. Email management isn’t a job to take lightly, and the IT professionals at Exact IT Consulting can advise you on how to best set up your email platform to fit the needs of your business. Microsoft Office 365 comes with Outlook, while the G-Suite comes with GMail.

Spreadsheet Builder

There are plenty of uses that spreadsheets have in the business world. Many spreadsheet builders offer integrated features users can take advantage of to build algorithms and formulas that allow you to perform rapid calculations for financial and statistical purposes. Spreadsheets have long been an extremely useful tool for inventory management. Microsoft Office 365 comes with Excel, while the G-Suite delivers Google Sheets.

Slideshow Software

Presentations are great ways to get a point across to an audience. Today’s productivity suites wouldn’t offer the communicative abilities they do without including a slideshow application. For example, try utilizing your productivity suite’s presentation app to get your point across at your next staff meeting. You might be surprised by how well your audience retains information. Microsoft Office 365 has PowerPoint, while the G-Suite offers Google Slides.

Obviously there are multiple other productivity suites available, as well as many different packages available from Microsoft and Google. 

Exact IT Consulting’s services and solutions can help you align your technology with your business objectives.