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Duane laughing

Fearless Leader & CEO | AKA Head Honcho

An ambitious self-starter, Duane Law began his IT career after graduating high school at 15. He and a partner founded, and later sold, their small business PC Help Services, where Duane handled everything from server migration and network infrastructure to software, database, and server upgrades.

As a CIO at TBA Oil & Warehouse at the age of 23, Duane led a 300,000+ web page development project for an e-commerce platform, which resulted in consumer sales increasing by 90% in 24 months. In this role, Duane gained more experience in budget forecasting and control. He has a firm grasp on an IT project’s financial impact as well as an organization’s long-term goals.

Duane offers proven experience in businesses of all sizes. Duane’s desire to learn about Fortune 500 companies lead him to his Global IT Program Management contract with Eli Lilly. With project budgets ranging from $1 million to more than $20 million, Duane lead and executed IT launch efforts, ensuring seamless deployment across cross-functional teams.

As the founder of Exact IT with a certification as a Project Management Professional, Duane is an industry-agnostic IT leader who focuses on conceptualizing, designing, and implementing forward-thinking processes to attain continued improvement and core IT productivity.