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3 Big Benefits of a Cloud Fax Solution

Fax isn’t going away anytime soon, but it’s time for a secure modern solution that will save your organization money and keep important documents secure. Stuffy copy rooms and out-dated office furniture be gone! Modernize your faxing process with cloud faxing. 

Check out three big benefits of using a cloud fax solution like ExactFax.

1. Security and COMPLIANCE

A cloud fax solution utilizes enterprise-class security to safeguard your confidential data. 

And if you go with our cloud fax solution, ExactFax, you’re even HIPAA compliant. There’s no need to worry about your confidential information. Our solution goes through daily internal security and vulnerability tests to ensure it. 

Access to ExactFax can even be restricted to specific IP addresses so you know that only those with permission have access. And automated session time-outs mean that even if a staff member leaves their computer open, an unauthorized user would have to attempt to log in again. All access is logged and tracked for auditing purposes. 


Let’s be honest, you’re probably most interested in this benefit. In the face of rising costs, cloud fax solutions can lower your expenses by eliminating the need for a dedicated landline. At only $35 a month, that’s a steal! Clients have reported savings of up to 50% with ExactFax.

3. qUALITY AND deliverability

Cloud fax solutions are built and optimized specifically for fax to maximize performance. Every transmission is automatically stored securely in the cloud. You can even tag your faxes to be searched later. Access your fax history from any device

Exact IT Consulting’s comprehensive suite of proactive and innovative technology solutions can help you make strategic, long-term IT decisions.

Contact us today to get started with ExactFax. 

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