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4 Reasons Why You Should Give Office 365 a Try

It can be stressful to select the right technology for your business. To take some of this pressure off of your shoulders, we’d like to make a suggestion–look into Microsoft Office 365. It could be just the solution you need to make several of your responsibilities easier.

Office 365 for Business is a subscription-based Software as a Service offering that provides SMBs with an easy productivity suite decision. Here we list four features and benefits that your business will gain by implementing Office 365.

Cloud Capabilities

Cloud services provide one of the most innovative and powerful advantages for modern businesses. By offering convenient and collaborative solutions, the cloud seeks to connect workers and assist them with their daily duties. With an Internet connection, you can access important applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook, on any approved device.

Collaboration Benefits

By using a program called Planner, Office offers a way to manage projects and keep employees on the same page. Users can collaborate in real time, as well as make and see edits as others are making them. Without needing to refresh the page constantly, Office 365 lets you more effectively communicate and collaborate.

Cost Efficiency

Office 365 is capable of saving your business money. When you make small monthly payments instead of large up-front costs, your budget has more room for flexibility. Plus, Office 365 reduces maintenance and upgrade costs for your organization in the long run.

Capacity to Grow

One of the major problems with the traditional version of Office is that it’s somewhat difficult to scale to the size of your business. This presents problems for businesses that are experiencing growth. Office 365 provides a fix for this since it’s such a flexible and scalable solution. You can easily add new users, and adding more services, features, and storage is simple. Your Office 365 solution can grow alongside your business and adapt to your specific needs.

Now that you know of the many Office 365 benefits, what are your thoughts on it? Would you be willing to make the jump from the traditional Office suite to a cloud-based subscription? For assistance with making this important decision, contact Exact IT Consulting.