Phone System Support

phone system support exactit consulting indianapolis
Exact IT is well aware and experienced of the importance of a well integrated phone system for any sized business. We pride ourselves not only in our ability to recognize short-comings of current phone systems, but our ability to manage small to large phone systems for our clients.

What makes a good phone system?

phone system support exactit consulting indianapolis
A common misconception is that all phone systems are created equal. However, on our end, we know that they are not. There are some useful bullet points that can be referenced when shopping for (or being sold) a new phone system option

  • Cost Savings - Did you know, that these days, huge, expensive and high maintence phone systems are all but obsolete? Many dependable cloud options are available. You can also remove long distance fees by moving to a cloud/VoIP service. Why pay leasing and long distance fees on equipment that is not needed?
  • Mobility - This day and age is all about mobility. Every one of your employees have a cell phone, so why should they not be able to use them to take calls? Most cloud phone systems offer seamless inegration with cell phones. This same method allows users to move desks without the hassle of lots of complicated settings needing to be changed at a central phone system.
  • Collaboration - Built in conferencing and intercom systems are a must have in any mid-scale development. Being able to instantly contact employees and co-workers should be as easy as pressing a button.
  • Reporting - If you are utilizing a phone system, you probably want to make sure that it is being used correctly and to its full potential. With Call reporting, you can learn what calls were made from who, to whom, and how long. This can help you learn where your phone etiquitte can be more efficient, and is often included with most phone systems.
  • Quality Assurance - It is important that company quality is echoed in every pillar of a business, and phone calls are not an exception. With many QA offerings such as call recording and pop-ins you can keep your Quality at the level you want through every conversation
  • Operator Console - Most Cloud based options give you access to an operator console right on your desktop! This can allow you to drag and drop calls for transfers, set up your auto attendants, use click-to-dial features and manage your conference bridges!

    Want to know more?

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    Want to know more about your phone system choices, or just want to contact us to clarify what you already know? Then reach out to us and we can deliver that information to you!