CIO Despite Yourself?

With a combined 40 years of experience, Exact IT has the knowledge and experience to act as your “CIO on Demand” or “vCIO.” In this role, Exact IT will act as your trusted advisor, utilizing our expertise and resources to assist your business in making vital IT decisions and drive important projects. In this role, our experienced consultants can help determine when to fix existing infrastructure versus when to buy new, guide the selection of new systems and software, oversee implementations, and more. This frees other important company officers to focus on their primary responsibilities, while resting in the assurance that the business’s IT needs are in good hands.

Small businesses, 5 to 50 employees, widely spread, make daily use of technology: computers, smart phones, tablets, email and even cloud computing. Managers in place are in very small numbers, a CEO, his deputy or associate. Which one is responsible for IT decision making? Usually the highest ranked in the company, since he is the one signing the checks. When this happens productivty is low for both roles in the organization and decisions are postponed for lack of time to properly asses them. This can take 3 to 12 hours of time away from the managers duties which results in longer deadlines and decreased productivity.

  • 60% of managers take care of IT
  • 45% reported that Technology is not managed well
  • 30% say IT is not a good use of their time
  • Have you become an involuntary CIO?
  • Many of our clients admit they reach their knowledge limits when the time comes to make a techical business decision but often make it anyway. They end up re-investing to correct mistakes that could of been avoided.
  • IT is no longer a budgetary item of expenditure, it rather has become an opportunity to improve busniess profitbility, stimulate innovation and even save money.

Side Effects

cio on demand indianapolis information officer exactit consulting
The impacts of using an substitute CIO are multiple and often unpredictable. The lack of knowledge of IT best practices is obvious and not without consequences. Mistakes add up and projects take longer to complete than expected. Not to mention the significant failure rates of projects in general: according to recent surveys only 47% of organizations estimate that more than 50% of their IT projects succeed. The success in terms of on-time delivery, within budget and with expected results is therefore difficult to achieve. Without an experienced IT manager, risks of overflow are even greater.

cio on demand indianapolis information officer exactit consulting outsourcing

Outsourced CIO Solution

A part-time CIO is the perfect solution for small and medium size enterprises. Sometimes, only a few hours a month will suffice. For some projects, an intervention of a few days will be necessary and the number of hours can be revaluated along the way. The professional brings all his expertise to the organization, without becoming a burden. Initiatives and projects now have access to an expert on-demand and their success is ensured by the experience and advice from an expert in this field.